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Keep these quotes in mind as you explore this site.

What we do is about education, but people don't want to just talk about what we want to talk about all the time. Understanding that sometimes you are just there to listen to whatever else is going on and that when something else comes up that kind of fits our agenda, we are there for that too.


We have parents as academic advocates, academic champions of their kids... having them on board, knowledgeable, informed and having them sitting at the table with everyone else making decisions that affect their children's success.


How can we support each other and how can we support the families that are going through different things? And how can we get them ready in their time frame?


One of the tensions we encounter is shifting a narrative away from finding one thing that works for kids.


Progressive change happens not merely when a strong individual assumes a position of leadership, but more importantly, when each one of us assumes the responsibility to lead, to take action, to build a movement.

Kevin Kumashiro

Against Common Sense: Teaching and Learning Toward Social Justice

What's this site about?

This site is inspired by community engagement that redefines achievement in publicly funded schools. Thanks to the time and dedication of the community organizers who shared their stories with me, my hope is that this site may serve as a resource to other communities. Rather than having a printed guide, this website is intended to be a space for collaboration and growth.


Please share your thoughts, experiences, and suggestions, so we may work together to redefine what success looks like in our schools.



Send me any comments, suggestions for improvement or additional information you would like me to include.  Also, feel free to comment on the blog page.

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